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Category: Netherlands


Amsterdam – take two

We always vowed to come back. An unexpected and forced layover in 2010 gave us a tantalising taste of the city, so when the opportunity presented itself to return, we grabbed it with both...


Stopover – Amsterdam

It wasn’t meant to be a stopover. We were expecting to simply change planes in Amsterdam on our way from Madrid to the planned stopover in Kuala Lumpur, before flying home to Melbourne. However...


St Martin/ Sint Maarten

St Martin and Sint Maarten, although they share one island, are two different countries. Sint Maarten, on the eastern side of the island, is one of the four autonomous constituent countries that form the...



Somehow I’d always had the image of Caribbean Islands being lush with vegetation and subject to tropical rain by the bucketload.  



Our arrival into port was exciting due to the fantastic views afforded from the height of our cruise ship, the Celebrity Eclipse. After walking around at our leisure admiring the quaint buildings, we found...