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Tagged: Turkey


Ankara and Atatürk

The long drive from Cappadocia to Ankara was broken up with several stops to ease the monotony, so we finally arrived in the city centre in early afternoon. Our main focus today was visiting...


Cappadocia – the Land of Fairy Chimneys

Ever since I first saw photos of the fabulous land forms of Cappadocia, Turkey, I have been dying to go there. Finally, on our Gate 1 coach tour of Turkey, we got to spend...


Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Looking like a white wonderland filled with multi-tiered wedding cakes, the fantastic landscape of Pamukkale near Denizli in western Turkey draws tourists by the thousands. The calcium-carbonate-rich waters that flow down the hillsides from...


Troy and Pergamon – Fact and Fiction

We woke to rain, followed by thunder and lightning, but luckily it was  the only wet day we had in our fortnight’s holiday in Turkey. Today we were off to visit the ruins of...


Istanbul – Where Europe and Asia Collide

In what other city could you do this – arrive in its European airport and later, depart from its Asian one? A city which has its roots in Asian history but a modern European outlook. A culture based on...