USA 2014

Well we just got back from five weeks in the USA and the Caribbean.  A great trip, but not without its dramas. Have you ever arrived at a foreign airport late at night to find that the hotel you thought you were booked into had been demolished?  Thanks LateRooms for not letting us know! All was rescued with our trusty iPad and an Internet booking, complete with shuttle to take us to the Miami hotel.

Statue of Liberty

Oh, and what about  delayed and missed flights?  Bad weather in Northern Florida meant our United flight from Fort Lauderdale to Houston was running late, so rather than have us miss the connection to LA, our kind and helpful staff member rebooked us on to a flight to Newark that would get us to LA in time for our connection to Melbourne.  We were so appreciative, that is until we got to Newark, to find that the plane had mechanical problems and we were boarded late and then sat on the tarmac for well over an hour while maintenance crew fitted a completely new autopilot system!  Needless to say we missed our flight out of LA.  United kindly checked us into a hotel for the night while we rebooked with Qantas.

Hollywood Sign

That was a hidden blessing, missing that flight, as we got to stay in LA for two days. We certainly made the most of it.  And thankfully our travel insurance paid out on most of our extra costs. A word of caution if it happens to you – keep all your receipts!

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